Rut Costa

About Me

My name is Rut Costa and I am glad to be the Kindergarten teacher of the Escuela Pines. I previously taught Kinder in Texas and Middle School in Spain. Originally from Barcelona, Spain, I grew up in a bilingual area with its own language and culture.

My first degree is in Music Performance. I play the flute, the recorder, and the “flabiol” (a small flute with drums). I perform typical Catalan dances too, like sardana, jota, bolero or fandango.

My second degree is in Catalan Philology. Apart from my country’s literature, I love universal writers like Shakespeare, Dovstoievski, Kerouac or Camus. I like original versions so I read in different languages.

One of my passions is traveling around the world, so I do a few international trips during the year. My recent trip to Canada is being wonderful. I especially enjoy hiking and snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountains.